Yootech Fast Charge Review

Yootech is a phone accessories company known for their high quality and budget friendly products. Their incredibly cheap wireless charger was actually the first one that I ever reviewed. And it was amazing! Especially for the time period as there weren’t as many wireless chargers as now. Well time has passed and Yootech has finally come out with a new wireless charger. Definitely an upgrade in both design and technology! And all that while still keeping a relatively low price – $19. I’m really happy to see that they have kept their price level. There is definitely a need for good quality and budget friendly wireless chargers. But more about the quality in my Yootech Fast Charge review and if it’s actually worth buying.

In The Box

  • Yootech Fast Wireless Charge Pad
  • MicroUSB cable

Technical Specification

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 140x92x8mm / 5.51×3.64×0.33″
  • Charging power: 10W / 2A
  • Features: Fast Wireless Charge
  • Phones compatible with Fast Charging: Samsung S8, S8 Plus, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus

Design & Charging

Since Yootech first released their wireless charger, the average look has changed quite a bit. Most of the wireless chargers have an angled design now that allow you to use your phone even while charging. It’s a fantastic shape and it also makes charging easier. Yootech has taken notes and their newest fast wireless charger displays all these features. First of all it is made out of a typical smooth plastic. It only comes in black so overall I’d say that as far as materials go, it’s a pretty basic wireless charger. Definitely nothing special.

The design is a bit interesting/different though. What I mean by that is the back side, the “leg stand” to be exact. It has some nice curves to it that makes the charger unique. Yootech has also managed to make the charger smaller by doing that. If we compare it to TYLT VU, which has a massive back side, then Yootech definitely takes at least half the space needed on your desk. I definitely like that about the charger.

Yootech Fast Wireless Charger

Oh and you don’t have to worry about the charger sliding off your desk or falling over either, despite it being really light. Yootech has added anti slippery pads underneath the charger for improved grip. Really well thought out in my opinion as the parts touching your desk are really small. Another interesting feature is the LED light underneath the charging surface. It actually has a stand by color (blue) for 5 seconds when you plug it in. Once you place your phone for charging, the LED turns green and once it’s done, it will turn off completely. The LED light is really really dim though. You can literally barely see it during daylight. To be exact, it needs to be completely dark to be able to tell which color the LED currently is. But on the plus side, since the LED is so dim, you won’t have any problems night time either.

In order to start charging, you first need to connect the wireless charger to a wall outlet with the included MicroUSB cable. The charger has the MicroUSB port underneath it. You are also going to need a wall adapter that supports fast charging. Such as Qualcomm 2.0 or 3.0. So definitely make sure that you have one of those or you won’t be able to use the fast charging feature. The fast charging feature is only available with the Samsung S8, S8 Plus, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus phones. It will still charge any other Qi device as well but at the standard 5W/1A speed.

Charging is super easy though. The charging surface has a 2 coil system, which means that you can place your phone both vertically and horizontally. It also starts charging the second you place it onto the surface. It’s really responsive. There are times though when you have to nudge your phone a bit so it sits right in the center. It happens less often than with charging pads though. I really like this design.


Yootech is a fantastic company and the same can be said about their newest fast wireless charger. I have even picked one of their very first chargers as the best wireless charger! With a price of $19, their newest product is definitely one of the best budget chargers available though. Especially if you are looking one for your Samsung Galaxy S8. One of the only similar alternatives at the moment would be the newest Samsung Convertible charger. But that charger is also 4 times more expensive. So if you are on the budget or don’t see a reason to spend that much on a charger, then Yootech is definitely the best option.

Yootech Fast Charge Review
8.3 Total Score

Build Quality
Charging Power
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