WAIQI Smart Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are far from new but recently they have been getting more and more features. WAIQI is a stylish wireless charger made out of wood, that works together with a special smartphone App. WAIQI is currently waiting to be funded on Kickstarter!

The exact name for their wireless charger is called the WAIQI Home and it looks amazing. The “Home” is manufactured in Innsbruck, Austria, and is available in four different precious woods that bring new life to wireless charging.

We found a way to integrate woodwork and technology, resulting in a design that perfectly fits into your personal life.

WAIQI Wood Charger

However what really makes this wireless charger special is their special Android App. Place an Android smartphone to the charger and it will open up the WAIQI app (if you have downloaded it before). On the app you can set functions that will enable the second your phone starts charging. You can enable functions such as setting your alarm, activating bluetooth or even playing an audio-book. But that is not where they plan to end! They wish to keep adding more features in the future.


WAIQI Home has the Qi wireless standard so you are going to need a Qi wireless case if you have an iPhone. They have thought about that too and also offering a beautiful wood cover. And the best part about it, you can easily remove the adapter without having to remove the case if you wish to use a cable. Sadly at the moment their App doesn´t work with an iPhone.

WAIQI iPhone Case

WAIQI is currently asking for €12000 and so far they have €6000 with 11 more days to go. Supporting them with €69 will get you the beautiful smart wireless charger with your choice of wood. You can support them by clicking here!