TYLT VU Review

TYLT VU is one of the best designed wireless chargers and also my favourite. It’s unique design makes it easy to keep using your phone even while charging. That is something not many charger producers can say. However is it worth the $55 price tag while there are much cheaper options out there?

Technical Specification

  • Qi wireless standard
  • 3 coils
  • Max power output 1A
  • AC adapter
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TYLT VU has a different angle to the normal wireless charger. The angle gives you a clearer view of your smartphone’s screen on your desk while it is charging. This is something that I personally love about this product. For example you can easily read the news, send messages without having to bend over. Also on your normal flat on the desk chargers it is quite annoying to type messages as every touch can move the phone and stop the charging.

You can also choose between 4 colours: black, blue, lime green and red.

The back of the wireless charger has a connection for the AC adapter that comes with it. This charger doesn’t use a USB cable connection like most others. It isn’t designed as a portable device but instead to just sit on your desk.

TYLT VU Adapter


TYLT VU wireless charger has 3 coils inside it. The use of multiple coils gives a much larger wireless charging area than 1 coil solutions. This also means that positioning your phone on the charger is much quicker and hassle free. In fact it barely even requires positioning, the angle and how it makes your phone sit on the charger makes it connect almost immediately.

You can also choose between 2 charging positions – landscape or portrait mode. That is so that if some port is covered by the charger then you can turn your phone so it can be used.

TYLT VU review

In order for you to know if your phone is charging or not, there is a LED indicator underneath the base of the charger. The LED will turn green if your device is charging or is in standby mode. It will turn red if your device isn’t charging correctly or it has been removed. The + thing about the LED light is that because it is undernearth the charger, then it isn’t that bright. As in you will probably be able to comfortably sleep at night.


TYLT VU is an amazing and practical wireless charger. I won’t argue that it is pricier than the standard flat wireless chargers but the unique design and perfect angle make it the best wireless charger in my eyes. If you are looking for a good and simple desk charger then this might be for you. It isn’t meant to be a design element as IKEA is trying to create but instead a more practical device.

TYLT VU Review
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