Texas Instrument Makes 15W Chargers Available

Wireless charging is amazing, but the main issue has always been the charging time. With the standard Qi chargers being able to provide up to 5W of power, the charging times are just sometimes too long to fully replace cables. Now there are some wireless chargers that are able to provide up to 10W of power and those are the fast chargers. But they are only work with few Samsung smartphones, so that kind of limits us as well. That might soon change though.

Texas Instrument has announced that they are ready to bring out wireless charging transmitters with 15W of power! That is 3x more than the average charger on the market. In order to output 15W of power, the transmitter requires 15V to 19V of power. What makes this great though, is that it is also able to output less as well. So when the 15W hits the market and you still have an old smartphone that doesn’t support it, you can still use the charger and it will just produce 5W still. No need to worry about frying your device.

Key Features

  • Power efficiency of 84%. The highest available efficiency at 15W in the industry.
  • Fast-charging feature still available. Because the transmitter is backwards compatible, it can still transfer only up to 10W of power to be compatible with the current existing receivers.
  • Wide-voltage range. The transmitter is able to work with inputs from 19V (15W of power output) to 5V (5W of power output).

At the moment, the Qi wireless charging transmitter is only available for manufacturers. They are selling them at $3.75 each for 1000 pieces. So a wholesale deal. The transmitter itself is a super thin 9 x 9mm flat pad. If you are interested and maybe want to come out with your own charger then you can check the 15W transmitter here.