Soundbot SB580 Review

Today I’m going to review something totally different than what I usually do. I managed to get my hands on a wireless charged Bluetooth speaker, called the Soundbot SB580. So besides just reviewing the wireless charger that comes with it, I’ll also be writing about the Bluetooth speaker itself. Surprisingly enough, this entire set is actually a reasonable $20. Most of the wireless charging pads are $20 alone so receiving a set like this for the same price sounds too good to be true.

In The Box

  • Soundbot SB580 bluetooth speaker
  • PowerBot PB1020 Qi wireless charging pad
  • MicroUSB cable (wall adapter not included)
  • Travel bag

Technical Specification

  • Sensory touch control, built-in mic for voice commands, NFC for pairing
  • Connection to devices: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Range: 10m/33ft
  • Up to 5 hours of audio
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Charging power: 1A/5V


The Soundbot SB580 and PowerBot PB1020 wireless charging pad are basically 2 different products that are just sold as a set. Which is why I feel as looking at them separately. Firstly the Soundbot SB580 Bluetooth speaker. It is really small, like it easily fits in the palm of your hand. It has a spheric design with a diameter of 73mm / 2.9″. The top is cut flat and that is where all “buttons” are. I can’t really call them buttons as the entire surface is actually smooth. Instead they are using sensors that make the surface react to touching. Basically like the turn on “button” on most of the newer monitors.

Soundbot SB580 controls

You can also choose between 5 colors: black, brown, cyan, green, pink. What I also like about the speakers design is that it sits very nicely on the desk. It has a flat cut bottom, just like on the top, and they have also added a rubber anti-slip padding there. The on and off switch can also be found at the bottom. The Bluetooth speaker comes with a travel bag so it is really easy to take it anywhere with you. The size does help as well. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the Soundbot SB580 Bluetooth speaker looks like.

Soundbot SB580 design

The PowerBot PB1020 is a wireless charging pad that comes with the Bluetooth speaker. It has a pretty nice and simple design. It has a diameter of 63mm / 2.5″ and just looks good. There is nothing over the top about it. No fancy transparent plastic edges, etc. The side of the charger has the MicroUSB port and a little LED light, that indicates if it is charging (blue) or not (green). The bottom of the charger has a rubber anti-slip that stops it from moving on clear surfaces.

Powerbot Pb1020 wireless charger

Soundbot SB580 Bluetooth Speaker

In order to turn on the Soundbot SB580 Bluetooth speaker, you need to turn on the switch located on the bottom. Once you have done that, the blue lights, on the top, should turn on. Next you are going to need to pair it with a mobile device. To do that, make sure your mobile device has it’s Bluetooth turned on and then pair it to “SB580”. It takes only a few seconds for it to pair. Now you are ready to play music.

So about the sound quality. Well I’m actually quite impressed with how well it sounds for $20. It can easily handle really bass heavy songs without losing it’s clarity. If you hold the Bluetooth speaker in your hand, you can actually feel the vibrations when playing bass heavy music. The sound remains clear and crisp even when playing more classical music, so that to me is a clear sign that the speaker hasn’t been over optimized for bass, something that lower end companies sometimes do. Also the music sounds the same from all around the speaker, because the actual speaker part is all around the circumference of the device.


Charging the Soundbot SB580 Bluetooth speaker is as simple as it can be. The design of both the speaker and the charger work together perfectly. The speaker sits right in the center of the charging area and starts charging immediately. Really no complaints there. The Powerbot PB1020 has the Qi wireless charging standard. So you can also use it to charge any mobile device that supports the Qi standard as well. It takes around 3 hours to fully charge the speaker. Around the same time to fully charge a smartphone as well.


I actually really like the Soundbot SB580 and Powerbot PB1020 set. I think that it is a great deal for $20. More gadget manufacturers should focus on adding wireless charging technology to these type of devices. I would hate having to use batteries on a small speaker like this. If you don’t want the Soundbot SB580 Bluetooth speaker but are interested in the Powerbot PB1020 wireless charger, then you can still get that on it’s own for $10. It is available on Amazon.

Soundbot SB580 Review
5.8 Total Score

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Speaker design
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