RES Hi-Res Music & Wireless Charging

When the iPhone 7 was revealed, a lot of people were angry that the tech giant had abandoned the 3.5mm audio plug. Since then, we have seen a lot of companies coming out with different solutions. From having just a lightning port adapter by Apple to large bundles. While they work, they aren’t exactly compact and great to use.

A group of people behind Gadget Creative Lab have come up with a solution. They have created RES, a Hi-Res Music & Wireless Charging adapter that will solve all the problems. RES is basically a small and compact adapter that plugs into your phones lightning port. But unlike other available adapters, it doesn’t have any cables. The adapter has a built in lightning port on one side and a 3.5mm audio plug on the other side. This means that you can charge your iPhone without having to remove the adapter.

RES Wireless Charger

Besides that, the adapter also has an increased audio quality. It increases the audio coming from the iPhone into a 24bit 192kHz stereo. So you will also achieve better audio quality. But out favorite feature is the wireless charging. The adapter actually has a built in Qi wireless receiver. So you don’t need to mess around with the traditional receivers to add wireless charging to your iPhone. Just plug in the adapter and place it onto a charging pad. It’s that simple.

RES wireless charging

The RES Music & Wireless Charging adapter is currently available on Kickstarter for HK$300 (around $39 USD). They have also beat their initial pledge goal by more than 5x! They are planning to start shipping out in May 2017 so hopefully things will work out. Definitely check them out! Oh and if you want one for Android then I have some great news. They have also got them available with MicroUSB and USB-C connectors!