Nokia DT-903 Review

Nokia DT-903, also known as the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate is a clever new generation Qi wireless standard charging pad made by Microsoft. Sounds like every other product out there but Microsoft has a surprise for its Lumia 830 & 930 users: it lights up whenever you have an incoming message or alert.

However these upgrades come at a price, the DT-903 charger costs $60 on Overall I’m pretty satisfied with the charger, perhaps the only downfall is that only Nokia Lumia users can enjoy the LED notifications.

Design & Tech Specs

Firstly the Nokia Wireless Charger comes in white, green and orange. Secondly the charger uses the Qi wireless standard so you can use it to charge any phone compatible with the Qi standard.

Now about the design, I would call it a work of art. The colours actually look really vibrant and the overall build quality feels great. Because it’s on the heavier side and has a rubber side it sits on a table firmly and doesn’t move around. Negative part about the design is that it doesn’t come with a power adapter but instead just a USB cable. So if you wish to plug it into the wall you are going to need to acquire one.

Tech Specs

  • Qi wireless standard
  • Dimensions: 159x76x9mm
  • Charger output: 5W / 1A
  • Features: Bluetooth 4.0 pairing with Lumia

The Nokia wireless charger has the most common charging power output of 1A. That means it will take around 3 hours to fully charge your phone.


When you charge your phone the charging plate starts to glow and stops when your phones full. That is pretty much it when you use any normal phone. However if you have modern Lumia smartphone you can turn the DT-903 into a much smarter charger.

The Lumia can be paired with the charger via Bluetooth. What that does is turn the charger into a more interesting product. For example whenever you get a message or a notification the DT-903 notifies you by changing its glow. Also you can pretty much change all the settings from your phone – starting from which alerts to show to setting the time for when the glowing to stop. The last part is extra useful for when you wish to charge your phone over night.


I love the idea of the DT-903 Nokia wireless charger. The smart glowing feature is a great touch however it would be much better if it worked on all phones. That is why I feel like this charger is worth it for only those with the new Lumia smartphones. For $60 you can get a much cheaper plain Qi charger. But if you still wish to get it for the design then it is still a great product.

Nokia DT-903 Review
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