Nillkin Car Charger Review

Nillkin is a company that creates accessories for smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches. What recently caught my eye was their magnetic wireless charger for cars. It has the simplest wireless charger design for cars. It is the type you add into air vents, without having to mess around with tricky installations. So because I was also looking for a new phone holder, I decided to test this two in one product. You can buy the Nillkin wireless car charger for $26. It is available on both Amazon and their online store.

In The Box

  • Nillkin Car Magnetic Wireless Charger
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 strips of iron sheet

Technical Specification

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimension: 68.5×68.5x45mm / 2.7×2.7×1.8″
  • Charging power: 5W/1A
  • Features: Magnetic surface

Design & Charging

Like I mentioned previously, what really caught my eye about the Nillkin charger was the design. It is basically one of those typical phone holders that are attached to car air vents. What’s so great about them is that they are small, super easy to install, and universal. They should fit every car. They are also super easy to adjust so your phone is always at the correct height. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the back of your phone should be made out of a material that attaches to magnets. The surface of the phone holder actually has 4 magnets inside it that keep your phone in place. If you don’t, then you can use one of the 2 iron sheet strips that come with the charger, and attach them to a phone cover. I wouldn’t add them straight onto the back of the phone as you might want to remove them some day. You never know.

nillkin magnetic car wireless charger

I do have one issue with the installation of the holder. The clamp behind the base is pretty big and there isn’t any locking mechanism. So when you try to put it into the air vent, it might either get loose fast or not attach at all. That is why you should probably add like a wedge of paper between the clamp and then install it. This should make the phone holder sit tighter on the vent. It’s annoying I know, they should definitely create a way to solve this problem.

While it is a great phone holder, what makes the Nillkin device so special is the wireless charging feature inside it. Nillkin has added the wireless charging coils inside the magnetic surface. So while your phone is sitting there, it is actually charging as well. So it is basically a two in one product. Pretty cool. In order to turn on the wireless charger, you still need to connect it to a power source via the supplied USB cable. So you are still going to need USB ports in your car.

The Nillkin wireless charger only works with devices that support the Qi wireless standard. If you have an iPhone then you are going to need a separate wireless charging receiver. Also, it charges at 5W/1A, so it doesn’t have the fast charging feature. If you keep using your GPS while charging, then your phone will probably still drain. Just not as fast. You also might need to spend some time placing it correctly. You need to find the sweet spot in order for the phone to start charging. This is typical for all 1 coil wireless chargers though.


So I kind of have mixed emotions of the Nillkin wireless charger for cars. The idea is fantastic, but the execution could be done better. Like for me, the clamp thing is annoying. Yeah adding a piece of paper fixed it but it was still an extra I shouldn’t have to do. Also I don’t know how long this will work for. Secondly, if my phone charges that slow and the battery still drains while using a GPS, then I might as well just connect my phone to a USB cable in my car. Just cut out the wireless charger completely. I mean I need to connect the wireless charger anyways via the USB cable so it is there already. And then I don’t need an expensive magnetic wireless charging phone holder. I can get a plain one for much cheaper.

So yeah, while the idea is great, I think the execution needs some more work. If you still really want one then you can purchase it off Amazon for $26.

Nillkin Car Charger Review
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