MusiQi Review

If you have paid attention to our reviews before, then you might have heard of a company called Fonesalesman. They are dedicated to making all kind of phone accessories. From cases to wireless chargers, they have everything. This time they have released a brand new wireless charger with a twist. It’s called the MusiQi and it’s a phone stand, wireless charger and bluetooth speaker all in one. A perfect companion for your nightstand. Let’s check how good it really is.

In The Box

  • MusiQi Wireless Charger / Bluetooth Speaker
  • MicroUSB-USB charging cable

Technical Specification

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 70x85mm / 2.75×3.35″
  • Charging power: 5W / 1A
  • Features: Twistable design, sticky charging area, bluetooth speaker, built-in mic

Design & Charging

The MusiQi is 3 products in one. It works as a phone stand, wireless charger and even a bluetooth speaker. That is also why it’s pretty big. It has a dimension of 70x85mm / 2.75×3.35″ and weighs 257g / 9oz. Other than that, it has a pretty simple design. It is basically tube with an upper half that can be twisted at an angle. There is a pretty good reason for that as well.

MusiQi can be used in two ways. Either you use it vertically straight or have the head at an angle. The main idea of the angle is to let you view your phones screen. For example when you are sitting behind a desk and want to check your messages without having to take it off the charger. The problem is that the charging surface is made out of sticky material. It does work pretty well, however I had to remove my phones case. It kept slipping off with the case on. Fonesalesman also recommends cleaning the surface with tape to remove dust etc. If your phone keeps falling off then you can easily switch it to vertical and problem solved.

MusiQi wireless charger

Wireless charging works like on every other charging pad. Just place your phone onto the charger area and enjoy. It uses the Qi wireless charging standard. Also it might take some time to start charging at first. It uses the 1 coil system which means that you need to find the sweet spot to begin charging. Kind of annoying at first but you’ll find the right spot eventually. It also uses the standard 5W / 1A charging power. So no fast charging.

Besides having a wireless charger, MusiQi also works as a bluetooth speaker. While it isn’t the best bluetooth speaker (mostly limited due to the size), it is still pretty good. Definitely good enough for the kitchen or as a nightstand speaker. Pairing it with your phone is also easy. Just connect via bluetooth and done. MusiQi also has a built-in mic which can be used to change songs or use as hands-free to answer calls.

MusiQi comes with a built-in battery. The battery lasts up to 3 hours when just playing music. A lot less when charging. The device comes with a microUSB cable that can be used to charge it. It does not come with a wall outlet adapter so make sure you have one for USB. If you have a smartphone then you probably do. You can also charge the built-in battery via Qi wireless charging. Just flip the MusiQi upside down onto another wireless charging pad. A pretty cool feature to be honest.


Fonesalesman makes some pretty nice products. MusiQi is fantastic combination of a phone stand, wireless charger and a bluetooth speaker. It is currently available on Amazon for $50 and that’s actually a really good price. I have reviewed a similar product before and it was nowhere near as good as the MusiQi. If you are looking for something similar for the kitchen or nightstand, then get the MusiQi. It is definitely the best among it’s kind.

MusiQi Review
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