Today I’m bringing you the iSMARTECH iSTA2 wireless charger review. While most of the available chargers are just flat charging pads or docks, I have also started to notice different products. For example I recently reviewed a wireless charger power bank with added USB ports. And the USB ports seem to be the new addition to wireless chargers. It’s actually the main feature that also make the iSMARTECH iSTA2 unique, and why I decided to review it. The charger is priced at $21.99, which is pretty good in my opinion. But more about that in the review below.

In The Box

  • iSMARTECH iSTA2 Wireless Charger
  • US Wall Plug & Cable

Technical Specification

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 100x90x32mm / 3.9×3.5×1.2″
  • Wireless charging power: 5W / 1.2A
  • Features: 2.4A USB, 2x 1A USB ports

Design & Charging

The iSMARTECH iSTA2 is a pretty simple wireless charger. It looks like a standard wireless charging pad, just much thicker. It has a dimension of 100x90x32mm / 3.9×3.5×1.2″. The charger is also fully made out of plastic. There’s really nothing special about it, just a standard smooth plastic. And you can choose between two colors: black and white. But what makes it’s design some what unique, are the little added features you might not notice at first.

For example the charger has a dock place. It’s that little slot on the charging surface. Just place your phone into the slot and you can use it as a plain phone dock. The charging surface is on the top of the charge, the charging spot is marked with a yellow circle. So make sure that you place your phone right there if you want to start charging. The yellow part is also made out of an anti-slip material. So once you place your phone there, you don’t have to worry about it sliding off. There is also a LED light that glows when your phone charges. It’s kind of pointless though in my opinion as your phone will cover it when charging.

iSMARTECH iSTA2 Wireless Charger

Another cool feature is the 3 USB ports on the side of the charger. I have started noticing these quite often lately. Especially with larger wireless chargers that are more like desk docks. It has one 2.4A USB port for charging tablets, such as an iPad etc. The two 1A USB ports can be used to charge phones as well. It’s a really nice feature that allows you to choose between wireless charging and wired.

And that’s good, because the wireless charging is still much slower. The iSMARTECH iSTA2 doesn’t have the fast wireless charging feature. Instead it has the basic Qi standard, that outputs up to 5W/1A of power. That will take up to 3 hours to fully charge your phone, depending on the model of course. So it’s good to have the wired possibility in case you need to charge faster. Either way, hopefully more companies will start using the new 15W Qi standard soon. Then we can expect to see much faster charging times.

If you want to start charging, just attach the wall plug to the charger and plug it into an outlet. Then you are ready to place your Qi supported smartphone onto the charging surface. Depending on how accurately you place your phone, you might need to move it on the charging area. That’s because it only uses one coil and it needs to be aligned with Qi charging receiver inside your phone. It can be annoying at first, but it will become easier the more you use it.

Also, you can charge up to 4 devices at the same time. So even if your phone is using wireless charging, you can still charge 3 other devices via the USB ports.


I do like the idea of the iSMARTECH iSTA2. My only real issue is that it doesn’t have the fast charging feature. Another thing is the docking part. I do like that you can place your phone in there and read messages while working behind the laptop. I would like it if I could also charge my phone while keeping it there. Not having that, kind of makes the docking part pointless in my opinion. For $21.99, it’s a pretty good charging station though. If you don’t care much about the wireless charging speed, then it’s not a bad purchase at all.

6.8 Total Score

Build Quality
Charging Power
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