iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Rumors

Now that it is 2017, we can start talking about the new iPhone again. I know, it’s only February and it won’t be released until September. But that hasn’t stopped the rumors from spreading. Apparently the new iPhone is being called the iPhone 8 (shouldn’t the 7s be released first?) but that’s not the main thing. As new leaks continue to surface, the main question is, will the new iPhone feature wireless charging?

The new iPhone will feature an all glass back. A surprising move from the previous steel and aluminium. It has been noticed that Apple doesn’t like wires or ports. The first indication was the removal of the loved headphone jack. Even their newest Apple Airpods can only be connected via Bluetooth. So that has led to believe that Apple might be taking over wireless charging. If we know anything from the past, then Apple loves taking over existing technologies and making them their own. And almost always better as well.

If they do adapt wireless charging, then we can imagine for them to eventually remove ports all together. No ports makes it easier to make the phones waterproof, not to mention removing the need to carry around cables. While the iPhone 8 features haven’t been released yet, I’d be quite surprised if they don’t include wireless charging. Especially how much this industry has grown. Hopefully they will make it work and perhaps even improve it.