Free Samsung Wireless Charger With Galaxy S8 & S8+

Have you thought about buying a Samsung Galaxy S8 or a S8+? Well if you have planned on doing that, and want to activate it with either Verizon, AT&T or Sprint, then I have some good news. Best Buy is currently having a promotion. They are giving away a Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Stand that I also reviewed a while ago. You can check my review out here.

There is a catch though. You need to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ from Best Buy and activate it on AT&T Next, Verizon Device Payment or Sprint. It also needs to be a 24 month installment or a lease agreement. Best Buy’s website has all the terms and conditions listed as well. Oh and this is only available for the US unfortunately.

And I do want to add that Best Buy does not carry T-Mobile phones. So unfortunately T-Mobile customers can’t take part of this promotion.

Best Buy has yet to announce when the promotion will end. I’d imagine it to be until they have ran out of the wireless charger stock, since they mentioned that quantities are limited. I’m guessing that they are trying to free up stock space by getting rid of the old charger. Especially since Samsung recently came out with their newest convertible wireless charger. Which is also much better in terms of charging and design.

But either way, if you are planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ from Best Buy, then make sure to take part of the promotion! Free stuff is always good!