DropGo Wireless Powerbank Review

Yet again I have found myself reviewing a wireless charging powerbank. This time it’s by a company called KNOMO and their product the DropGo. DropGo isn’t like the two other powerbanks I have reviewed now though. Well yes it still uses Qi charging and does everything the others do. What makes DropGo special are the little extra features that KNOMO has added. Especially in the design that allows you to use the DropGo much more than other powerbanks. I’ll explain how in the review.

In The Box

  • DropGo Wireless Powerbank
  • MicroUSB-USB cable

Technical Specification

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 145×74.5×24.5mm / 3.9×2.9×1.0″
  • Wireless charging power: 5W / 1A
  • Battery capacity: 4500mAh
  • Compatibility: Samsung S6 / S6 Edge / S7 / S7 Edge / S8 / DropGo iPhone Case
  • Features: MicroUSB port, USB output port

Design & Charging

The problem with wireless powerbanks is that they need to be sitting on a desk to charge your phone. Or you’ll have to use a cable to charge your phone, but that’s not really wireless. KNOMO has found a way to solve this problem. The DropGo has the most unique design out of all other similar devices.

First it has a dimension of 145×74.5×24.5mm / 3.9×2.9×1.0″ and it comes in all black. The device itself is made out of a rubberized material, so it feels really nice in hand. The most unique part about it’s design though is the slot solution. The powerbank has a slot where you place your phone to. This allows you to charge your phone even when it’s in your bag, without having to use a single cable.

The downside though is that it’s only compatible with a limited amount of phones. The phones that it works with include the Samsung S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge and S8. Due to the popularity of iPhones, you can also get a special Wireless iPhone Charging Case by KNOMO. But that’s also compatible with only the iPhone 6, 6S and 7. As you can see, no plus versions as they are too big. The charging case will enable the Qi charging feature makes your iPhone the right size to fit the charging slot.

Thanks to the slot system, the charger works really well. It uses the standard Qi wireless charging, which means that the most you’ll get out of it is 5W/1A. So it will take quite a while to actually fully charge your phone. Considering that it supports the Samsung Galaxy phones, I wish they had instead used the fast charging standard. It would make more sense in my opinion. But yeah, thanks to the slot system you don’t have to worry about finding the right charging spot. Just place it in there and done.

The powerbank itself works like any other as well. It has a battery capacity of 4500mAh, so that should be enough to charge your phone for around 1.5 times. If you want to charge the DropGo, you’ll have to use the MicroUSB port and the cable that comes with it. There is also a power indicator at the charging area to let you know how much power is left. To save battery, there is also a power button which can be used to turn off the powerbank when you ain’t using it. Oh and of course a USB port, for when you want to charge with a cable.


I really like what KNOMO has done to the DropGo Wireless Powerbank. Especially the design, which allows me to use it on the go as well. And if someone calls or texts me, I can just use my phone while it’s attached to the powerbank. The only problem is the limit of phones that can be used. Also the price, which is $129 for the DropGo. And if you have an iPhone, then that’s another $59 for the charging case. For this price, I would expect to have fast charging available as well. There is really no reason why it isn’t. And for that, I feel like the charger is kind of overpriced.

DropGo Wireless Powerbank Review
7.3 Total Score

Build Quality
Charging Power
Features/Battery Capacity
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