BlitzWolf Fast Wireless Charger Review

BlitzWolf is a new Chinese company that has entered the wireless charger market. But instead of making a basic Qi charger, they have gone straight into the Fast Chargers niche. While it works just like any other wireless charger, it’s design is what really caught my eye. However more about that in my BlitzWolf Fast wireless charger review.

In The Box

  • BlitzWolf Fast Wireless Charger
  • MicroUSB-USB charging cable

Technical Specification

  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Dimensions: 90x90x15mm / 3.5×3.5×0.6″
  • Weight: 95g / 3.4oz
  • Charging power: 9W/ 1.3A; 5W / 1A

Design & Charging

The BlitzWolf Fast Wireless Charger comes in a simple cardboard box with the logo on top. In the box you’ll have the charger, a microUSB cable and some operating manuals. So a pretty basic combo. The wall adapter is not included so make sure you already have one. If you want to use the fast charging feature, then you’ll also need the adapter to be compatible with Quick Charge 2.0.

Now the charger itself looks very nice. It has a black rubberized texture on the top with an embedded BlitzWolf logo. The outer case is made out of high quality plastic. BlitzWolf has also added an anti-slippery material on the bottom so the charger sticks to any surface you place it on. The overall design is really good in my opinion. The little extra touches, such as using rubberized materials, make it stand out from tons of other wireless chargers. It’s also pretty small and lightweight. The dimensions of the charger are 90x90x15mm and it weighs 95g. So it’s a well designed wireless charger with fantastic build quality.

BlitzWolf Fast Wireless Charger

Oh and another thing, the MicroUSB-USB cable you get, has also got the flat cable design. It’s super strong and durable. Nothing like the round cables that end up breaking pretty fast, so again thumbs up for that.

As far as charging goes, it’s really like any other fast wireless charger. It uses the Qi wireless charging standard so it is compatible with every device that supports that. However, if you want to use the Fast Charging feature, then you need to have one of the following phones: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 / Note 5 / S7 / S7 Edge / S6 Edge+. Those are the only devices that support Fast Charging at the moment. Do make sure that you also have a Fast Charge supported wall adapter! With the fast charging, it should charge your phone in around 2 hours, compared to over 3 hours in normal mode.

To charge your phone, just place it flat onto the textured surface. You can use a case on your phone with the BlitzWolf. As long as the case isn’t thicker than 10mm of course! Once you place your phone, you may need to move it a little to start charging. That’s because the charger requires you to align the receiver inside your phone with the charger. I found the charger to be quite responsive and only had it happen a couple of times. Once it does start charging, you’ll notice a blue light glowing from underneath the charger. It actually looks really cool, kind of futuristic. It also automatically softens during the night so you don’t have to worry about it keeping you awake.


BlitzWolf has built the best looking wireless charger I have seen in a while. While most other available chargers are made out of plastic, BlitzWolf has brought in different materials as well. And they do make a huge difference. Like the BlitzWolf charger just looks more expensive and sleek. I would much rather have it on my desk at both work and home. It just fits everywhere if you are into the modern sleek design. I really recommend it for anyone who’s looking for a flat wireless charger.

BlitzWolf Fast Wireless Charger Review
8.5 Total Score

Build Quality
Charging Power
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