Apple Patents Levitating Wireless Charger System

In the past couple of months, there have been a lot of rumors concerning Apple and wireless charging. They recently joined the organization behind the Qi wireless standard and that has caused a lot of speculation for the future. Well the future might be closer than expected.

The US Patent & Trademark Office recently published a new levitating wireless charger technology that was submitted by Apple. In the patent called “Electromagnetic Levitator“, Apple features a wireless charging dock. Imagine placing your iPhone or Apple watch onto a flat surface and seeing it levitate while charging. Pretty cool. It also allows you to change some settings so that your device rotates while it’s charging.

Apple also some what describes how this technology works. The idea is to create a magnetic field around the wireless charger with coils. This will leave an open space in the center of the charger for another coil which would keep the device floating in air. The magnetic field is really what will provide power for your device. Apple has also mentioned that it could be built inside a computer. So technically Apple could use this tech to display their products at the Apple Stores.

Not sure how serious Apple is about this technology but it definitely should be interesting. There was another company called Levitation Works who published a similar concept on Kickstarter a while ago. Their Levitating wireless charger actually reached funding as well.