Apple Joins The Wireless Power Consortium

For the past couple of months, there have been rumors about Apple and wireless charging. Multiple sources have been claiming the next iPhone to include the feature. And for more than a year, there’s been rumors about Apple looking into long-range wireless charging. Something like WiTricity recently demonstrated.

The rumors seem to be becoming true. Apple has recently (and quietly) joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The Wireless Power Consortium is behind the Qi wireless charging standard. So if the rumors are correct, we might see the next iPhone support the Qi wireless standard. Which will definitely be a huge victory over both Powermat and Rezence standards.

Or they might actually not use the Qi standard at all, and instead use a modified version. Something that we have seen on the Apple Watch. Nor does it mean that they have moved away developing a long-distance wireless charger. But it may suggest that Apple believes the inductive method to be the best for the time being. At least until something better gets developed.

After several years of increasing rumor, Apple’s membership with the Wireless Power Consortium points strongly to the expectation that the next iPhone will include wireless charging technology

Vicky Yussuff, an analyst at market watcher IHS Technology.

There is no denying that wireless charging keeps gaining popularity. 9 out of 10 consumers want their phone to feature wireless charging, according to Vicky Yussuff. This is a clear proof that Apple can no longer ignore this feature. Especially since Samsung has already added wireless charging to all of their top range phones.